Air Conditioner Maintenance

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  • Date: July 24, 2022
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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance
Air Conditioner Maintenance

When harsh cold weather in our surroundings turns warm, it feels great.

However, when the breeze turns cold unexpectedly, it becomes unpleasant.

You can always enjoy the warmth in a room when you are asleep, but when your air conditioner is not fully efficient, you will have troubled sleep.

Luckily, there are simple tips that can help you to maintain the condition of your Air Conditioner (AC).

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    Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

    You should service your AC regularly before yearly seasons such as summer or winter. A commercial air conditioner maintenance professional will have to visit your home or workplace with their Air Conditioner Maintenance Car to inspect and service the AC.

    They will ensure that the AC is running accordingly and help identify and rectify any defects. Air Conditioner Maintenance Companies charge roughly between $125 and $175, which may save you lots of money in the form of replacements and repairs. The technician will provide a report on the inspection, indicating if there is a problem.

    Air Conditioner Maintenance Companies
    Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

    They will evaluate the voltage, assess the vents, belts, refrigerant, and inspect drainage lines. Further, they will also lubricate existing ports.

    Another critical area that these technicians will inspect is the thermostat and the blower motor to see whether they are functioning properly. A motor that is drawing too much power may be failing.

    Also, a thermostat that does not interact with the unit may not be working and you should adjust or replace it. You should inspect the air filter frequently to assess whether the unit needs servicing.

    Technicians should clean parts, such as the condenser, compressor, air handler, evaporator coils, and drainage line. Ultimately, they need to test the levels of refrigerant and inspect AC function.

    When a problem persists after air conditioner maintenance, they can advise you whether to replace or repair the unit. Check the AC repair guide as it shows an estimate on how much the services of a residential air conditioner maintenance technician might cost you.

    7 Tips for AC Maintenance

    1. Replace the filters

    The most effective and straightforward way to ensure that your AC runs smoothly is by replacing filters monthly as it reduces the burden placed on your system. A clogged or dirty filter maximizes the AC workload as it operates due to restricted airflow in the fan motor system.

    It is more economical to change your filter than to replace your entire system. Replacement will not only lower your utility bills but will also extend the life of your AC.

    2. Maintain clean coils

    The AC fins and coils on the exterior of the unit should be clean and free of obstructions. Plant debris could often accumulate around the unit. When dirt and leaves surround your unit, it becomes difficult to function as expected. Hence, you need to clean your unit regularly using a broom and hose.

    Avoid using a pressure washer, because the powerful spray could harm your AC unit. Conduct some cleaning around the air conditioner regularly to ensure it works efficiently.

    3. Trim the shrubs

    If you have a flower garden near your house to hide the AC unit, ensure you leave enough space in case you need to trim the flower shrubs. These shrubs could block air entry into the AC and subsequently increase its workload. Trimming shrubs makes sure the AC is free from such obstructions.

    4. Dryer Vent Angle

    Ensure that the dryer vent does not face the AC unit. Lint emitted from the dryer exhaust could harm your unit. Ensure that the air escapes through the vent of the AC by positioning the dryer exhaust in the opposite direction.

    5. Adjust Thermostat

    If you are the kind that likes traveling, ensure you adjust the thermostat to a relatively higher temperature range for the time you will be out. Such a strategy will reduce the amount of work done by your AC and extend its life cycle. Another benefit of adjusting your thermostat is that your utility bill will reduce considerably.

    Some new versions of thermostats allow homeowners to reprogram them to match their schedules. Such a unit will ensure you always arrive in a temperature-regulated house that suits you. Optimizing the use of the thermostat system will increase the AC’s life in the long run.

    6. Inspect your ductwork and openings

    Ensure that your windows and walls are well-sealed to maintain a cool home. Carry out some visual inspection on the ductwork and ensure that you always seal it. When you don’t do the ductwork properly, it can lead to air leakage, which means more power to warm your house.

    The more the cooler air escapes, the more the air conditioner needs to work to maintain a stable temperature.

    7. Schedule annual servicing with an AC professional

    An experienced technician can help you detect any problem in your AC before it turns costly. At a cost of roughly $100 for Air Conditioner Maintenance, you will realize that the benefits of servicing your AC outweigh the likely costs of replacement and repairs.

    A simple tune-up will include multiple tests to ensure the internal parts of your AC are up to the task. The technician will advise you whether to recharge your refrigerant and when to replace the filter. They will clear the drain, and thoroughly clean the unit to ensure it operates optimally.

    DIY Cleaning and Maintenance

    Residential Air Conditioner Maintenance
    Diy Cleaning And Maintenance

    You may conduct some basic maintenance to your unit without the help of a technician. Below are rough estimates of the expected costs and tools. They are:

    • Turn off the unit’s power supply, and switch off the condenser by turning the knob to the off position.
    • Switch off the breather situated inside the house’s breather box. You do not want it to start rolling its blades while you are working on it.
    • Clean the condenser and remove debris around it using a rake. Splash warm water on the fins using the garden hose.
    • Examine the fins and if damaged, straighten them using a fin tool or butter knife. Take care not to damage the fin’s tubing.
    • Level the AC. It is typical for the condenser to shift from its original position as the soil and other debris settle. Level it to the required position.
    • Clean the drain using a dry vacuum and change the filter while avoiding any damage. Two to three minutes is enough to get all the dirt out.
    • Power the AC on and let it complete a cycle to establish if everything is in place. If it is not working, as it should be, contact a technician to help out.

    The whole exercise should cost you around $50. Even if changing a filter is the only thing you can do, it will save you roughly 15% of your AC bill. The maintenance can take almost twelve hours of your day.

    So, if you are busy, let a Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance pro do it for you at a cost of between $100 and $175. It is cheaper and time efficient and you shall have serviced your AC fully.