What are the different types of Air Conditioners?

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Things to Know About Air Conditioners

In our generation of technology, there are now a lot of things that have been upgraded because of the advancement of different aspects of technology.

Technology has made a lot of things that we need to do easier to accomplish, a lot of examples are around us every day there are now cell phones to communicate with our loved ones without having to meet them personally, cars for easier transportation, etc.

There are even devices today that can help us in our daily chores like electric stoves for cooking, vacuum for cleaning, etc. In this article, we will talk about one of those devices that makes our lives easier and more especially it makes our homes, offices or any place which is enclosed comfortable and it is the Air Conditioner or also known as A/C.

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    What are the different types of Air Conditioners?

    Air Conditioners are the devices that can change the temperature, humidity, or general quality of the air inside your household, more specifically it makes your home cooler by removing the heat energy inside your home, and then it brings that heat outside, and then it will replace it with cool air.

    Now, if you are interested in buying an air conditioner you must know first what are different types of Air Conditioners are so that you will be able to choose which of those types will be perfect for whichever purpose you are going to use the air conditioner. You can also use this as a reference for knowing what are the types of air conditioners for home.

    If you will search the internet for the types of air conditioners you may get different results from what I will state in this article. So, to help you with that here are the different types of Air conditioners that I have researched: Mini-split and multi-split systems, ducted systems or central air conditioner systems, Portable units, Window Air conditioners, Floor mounted air conditioners, Smart Air conditioners, Geothermal Air Conditioning System, and Hybrid or Dual Fuel Air Conditioner.

    Mini-Split and Multi-Split Systems

    These ductless systems often distribute conditioned and heated air to a single or a few rooms in a structure, and as the name suggests, this process happens without ducts and in a decentralized fashion.

    Mini-Split And Multi-Split Systems

    The first type of air conditioner we are going to talk about is the mini-split and multi-split systems, these are popular ductless system application that allows up to eight rooms to be conditioned independently from one another and simultaneously from a single outside unit.

    These kinds of air conditioners are suitable for people who do not want to have a hard time doing ductwork for the unit and it is good if you only want some parts of your household to be air-conditioned because it will be harder for you for these kinds of units to accommodate larger areas.

    Ducted Systems or Central Air Condition Systems

    Next, the type of air conditioner we are going to talk about is the ducted systems or central air condition systems. It is a system of ducted air pipes that may be installed in any area of your home or apartment. It’s reasonable to assume that central air conditioning is the most difficult to set up but the most straightforward to use.

    What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioners?
    Central Air Condition Systems

    So, if your household is considered spacious or it has a lot of rooms, this might be the best-suited type of air conditioner for you because it regulates the temperature in every room that is connected to ducts simultaneously, resulting in a cooler, more regulated climate throughout the house in the shortest amount of time.

    The humidity outside the house will be lowered as cool air is circulated throughout the house, making the environment within the house more comfortable…

    But, despite all these good things that this air conditioner may cost you quite a fortune because the installation for this kind of system is not cheap and it also spends a lot of energy when operating which means that you will have to pay higher energy bills. Another thing is, you might think that the outdoor unit will ruin how your house looks overall but you can always hide them with the use of some creativity.

    It can also lose its’ effectiveness when time passes since there might be some problems with the ducts that will arise after some time.

    Portable Air Conditioners

    Portable Air Conditioners
    Portable Air Conditioner

    Then, there are the portable air conditioners which are basically the most common air conditioners on the market. It’s simple to see why; when you need cooling, you need it fast, cheaply, and without a lot of trouble; portable AC units are ideal. You can also move it if you need it to other rooms.

    On the other hand, the problem with portable air conditioners is they are noisy when operating and it will be a problem for such small air conditioners to accommodate larger rooms. There are also portable air conditioner types which are single hosed, evaporative, double hosed, and Heat and Cool Units or also called a reverse cycle.

    You may look them up on the internet to know their differences to be able to choose which of them you prefer the most.

    Window Air Conditioner

    Window Air Conditioner
    Window Air Conditioner

    Another type of air conditioner is the window air conditioner which is the most frequent form of air conditioner. Window air conditioners are ideal for cooling a particular place or a small area because they are a lot of different sizes of the unit to choose from.

    You may even chill a small home with a huge window air conditioner if the house is only one storey or it has only a single open space. This kind of air conditioner has been often called the champion of cooling tiny rooms ever since they originated.

    Floor-Mounted Air Conditioners

    Floor Mounted Air Conditioners
    Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner

    Then we have the floor-mounted Air Conditioners, if you want to have a mini-split but lack the space to mount the unit, these units are designed for you.

    The interior unit of a floor-mounted air conditioner sits on the floor, while the exterior unit can be placed without any ductwork or extensive site preparation. This setup is especially perfect for places with slanted walls, like attics or structures made of fragile materials.

    Smart Air Conditioners are a form mini-split, window, or portable air conditioners which had a significant upgrade in new technologies.

    These air conditioners are Wi-Fi enabled and come with their own app that enables global control using a smartphone. These air conditioners have a variety of features, depending on the manufacturer.

    Weekly scheduling, geofencing, cozy mode, temperature range control, and a lot of other features can be included with the unit. But those added features will surely increase the cost of the unit also.

    Geothermal Air Conditioning System


    On contrary, Geothermal Air Conditioning System works by leveraging the earth’s insulating characteristics.

    Geothermal technology uses the fact that temperatures under 4 to 6 feet of the earth do not change throughout the year regardless of the weather, to control the temperature of your home more effectively.

    It is good when considering energy usage but the setup process can be difficult since it will be underground and it will also cost you a lot.

    Hybrid or Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

    Dual Fuel Air Conditioner
    Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

    Lastly, we have the Hybrid or Dual Fuel Air Conditioner, which merges a gas furnace with an electric air-source heat pump to provide productive and effective heating and cooling.

    The device automatically alternates between providing heat for the house or cooling within the house depending on the temperature outside. You can set the temperature at which the system converts from heating to cooling, or you can do it manually.

    The setup may cost a lot but it can be worth it because it maximizes indoor comfort while also decreasing your electricity bill.

    Best Brands

    After knowing the different types of Air Conditioners, we will also need to know what is the best brand of Air Conditioners.

    To do this I will search some of the most trusted brands on the internet and you can decide which brand you are going to buy from. So, according to what I have researched, here are some of the most trusted brands selling Air Conditioners:

    • American Standard Air Conditioners
    • Carrier Air Conditioners
    • Goodman Central Air Conditioners
    • Trane Central AC Units
    • Rheem Air Conditioners.

    This list is based solely on my research so if you are not satisfied with it you may do your own research about these brands or you may also try to find other brands as well.


    In conclusion, this article shows that in order to choose the proper appliances like air conditioners for your household, there is a lot of things to consider.

    In this case, we had to consider the different air conditioner types and prices including how much the installation will cost. Doing some research is a great help in deciding things like this because it will help you to come up with the best decision and that can make spending your money or time be able to fulfill your desires to the fullest.

    1. My uncle wants to improve the comfort levels of his property but he’s not sure where to start. I like your suggestion of getting a window air conditioner since they come in a small form factor that works for a single room. Since he intends to use his gaming room for hours of game time, I think getting one of these is a good idea.

    2. As a homeowner who prioritizes efficiency, learning about central ACs really helped a lot. Having the duct installed into every room and controlling everything from there can result in even temperatures all throughout the house thus removing any kind of need for extra insulation. I’ll ask an HVAC expert to get one of these installed into our home when we renovate it for sure.

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